Q. How can I contact Jared?

A. You can send your message to Jared here. Due to time constraints and abundance of correspondence, please keep in mind that Jared is not able to respond to all messages in a timely fashion. Thanks for your patience.

Q. Where can I buy Jared's books?

A. Jared's books can be purchased (or ordered) almost anywhere Christian books are sold, and all are available via the major online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Q. How do I inquire about having Jared speak at my church or event?

A. To send an inquiry, simply complete and submit the short form on the Booking page, and an assistant will reply with a questionnaire for more details on your prospective event. Filling out the online inquiry does not create an obligation or book Jared to speak.

Q. Can Jared read or review my manuscript or help me write a book?

A. Due to time constraints, Jared is not able to do any editorial or consultation work on manuscripts. You would be best served by joining a writer's group or employing the help of someone who does manuscript service for hire.

Q. How do I submit a blog post for For The Church?

A. Blog post submissions can be sent via the Submissions page at FTC. Please read the guidelines carefully.

Q. Where does Jared go to church?

A. The Wilson family are members of Liberty Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO.

Q. Jared's not really serious about all this Tom Brady stuff, is he?

A. More serious than you realize.